Why Visit IHE

The time spent at IHE will help you getting practical, proven advances for your business and company directly from experts who know your business.

The Right Time for Your Business Decisions

IHE is scheduled strategically — the perfect time to plan and budget your capital projects for the coming year. At IHE, thousands HoReCa professionals will be gathering to make deals and form partnerships.

Technology and Training Offer a Competitive Advantage

The exhibitors will offer latest innovations in Food Service & Hospitality solutions, this helps in increasing the output and enhancing service experience. Industry leaders and project experts will share insights that will provide attendees competitive advantages.

The Promises of a Proven Show

  • In addition to networking with the large national companies, you’ll meet decision makers, R&D, sourcing professionals, engineers, GM, hospitality       professionals, and more from small to large companies who know your business and how to help you improve profits.
  • Attendees have access to the nation’s largest collection of equipment manufacturers focused on food and hospitality.
  • You’ll see first hand demonstrations of full working equipments which will help you to decide your purchase.
  • Seminars & workshop planned along with the expo will be an eye-opener of new project planning.
  • You’ll have access to multiple suppliers who will display new equipment and the latest technology in food and hospitality business.
  • Suppliers have solutions that can be applied across multiple food and hospitality business — you never know what you may find that could increase your       efficiency and expand your revenue streams.
  • A convenient and modern location with a lot of amenities will keep you connected and engaged.


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